Love Island winners Millie & Liam reveal next steps after returning to UK

Love Island winners Millie and Liam have shared what’s next for them after returning to the UK.


After two months of antics in the sun, Millie and Liam were crowned this year’s winners of Love Island on Monday.

Today they and spoke exclusively to This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on their time in the villa, meeting families and their future plans.

Currently in quarantine in Essex, Millie said: “I’m really missing him. I regret saying I’d go home, I wish I was with him…”

Liam added: It’s been overwhelming and so far we’ve done every step together so being a part now is difficult. I’m looking forward to the quarantine being over so we can be back together again.”

Liam and Millie
Liam and Millie

On coming out of the Love Island ‘bubble’, Millie admitted, “It feels very surreal… but it doesn’t feel real because we’re still in quarantine, but I think the moment we’re actually allowed to go outside and experience the real world it will probably hit me way more. But at the moment I’m just trying to rest and get some meetings in.. but it’s very surreal.”

Talking about the elephant in the room and the moments surrounding Lillie and Casa Amor, Millie confessed: “Um, I think the moment I thought ‘ok, I don’t want to do this anymore’ was after I met Lillie and she told me everything, and I though ‘no, this is it, I can’t do it anymore and I’m done’… but that didn’t last very long did it?


“We are together 24/7 in the villa and I had really strong feelings for Liam before he went off to Casa Amor and just because that had happened it didn’t mean that my feeling for him had left, I was trying to have respect for myself [and say] ‘I can’t do it’, but we were together all day every day and it was actually so hard looking at him [and thinking] ‘I can’t stay away from you’…

“He’s so fit and makes me laugh so much. He’s only got to say one thing and I’m laughing my head off and before we knew it he was doing lovely gestures and I thought ‘Ok, let’s go for it’ because I knew what we had was real. We had a really really good connection and that’s what was really important to me.”

When asked if he feels he still has to prove that to her after she gave him a second chance, Liam said: “Of course. I’m very grateful she gave me a second chance and I still want to make that up to her… and I’ll be doing that on the outside, when I’m given the chance out of quarantine.

“But we are boyfriend and girlfriend, we do love each other, but I’m still going to keep showing her what she means to me.”

On what’s next for the pair, Liam said: “For now, I won’t be going back to work [as a bricklayer], something I’ve always wanted to do is buy and sell houses and go down that route so I think coming off Love Island I think that’s what I’ll be pursuing. But you never know, I could be back on the building site!”

On being dubbed the real life ‘Gavin and Stacey’ based on their locations and how they are going to make it work on the outside, Millie said: “Well if Gavin and Stacey can make it work then we can make it work!

millie liam
Millie & Liam

“My mum googled it and she said it was like three and a half hours and I don’t mind doing that drive just as long as we always have a plan to seeing each other and make sure that we have that because we don’t want to get so busy that we are not making time for each other.

“The next step is that Liam has got to go back to Wales and I’ll definitely spend some time in Wales very soon and he’s going to come to Essex… we will one hundred percent make this work!”

When asked if their parents have given this the seal of approval, Liam smiled, “Definitely. My parents were on facetime last night and they are very close already so that’s amazing to have. The approval is already there. So we can concentrate on me and Millie now.”


Claiming it the best summer of their lives, Liam concluded the interview by saying: “I’ve come away with the best prize, I couldn’t be happier.”

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