Love Island spoilers: Tears as Lucie Donlan and Amy Hart try to clear the air

Lucie Donlan and Amy Hart attempt to clear the air in tonight’s Love Island 2019.


The pair have been off with one another ever since Amy accused Lucie of spending too much time with Joe Garratt.

Amy also claimed Lucie had ‘stolen her thunder’ after going exclusive with Joe shortly after she did the same with Curtis Pritchard.

In tonight’s episode, Amy fills new girl Elma Pazar in on her recent drama with Lucie and Joe.

Elma later gets to know Lucie and she tells her about her conversation with Amy and suggest the two girls resolve their differences.

Lucie is upset that Amy still feels this way and that evening she is keen to squash the issue.

Lucie asks Amber, Yewande and Anna for their opinion on the matter. The girls similarly feel that they want to spend more time with Lucie.


Yewande agrees: “We want you to be closer.”

Anna adds: “It’s only because everyone wants to spend more time with you.”

Meanwhile, Amy speaks with Curtis on the day beds about the ongoing drama between her and Lucie.

Amy says: “I’m upset though because we were really close and now she doesn’t speak to us.”

Shortly after, Lucie heads over to speak to Amy about their friendship.

Lucie tells her: “I thought we had sorted things out.”

Amy replies: “So did I. I just feel like since you’ve been with Joe, I haven’t seen you. I’ve just missed you that is all.”


Lucie responds: “I feel like I’m fine with you. I just hang out more with the guys because I get on with them better.”

Amy admits: “I start thinking that you don’t like me anymore. I don’t want this to be an issue.”

Lucie reacts “I thought it was fine yesterday.”

Lucie gets upset and Amy attempts to comfort her. She says: “I’m upset that you’re upset.”

Amy adds: “I just feel like you needed me then and you don’t need me much now, so I’ve been cast aside. We can’t have an issue between us.”


Can the pair resolve their differences and finally get back to being BFFs?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.