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Love Island spoilers: Jake and Teddy sleep outside in Casa Amor

Jake Cornish and Teddy Soares opt to sleep outside at Casa Amor in tonight’s Love Island.


Yesterday night saw the original couples split up into separate villas before twelve new singletons entered.

In Casa Amor, the original boys were joined by six new girls while six new guys joined the original girls in the main villa.

In tonight’s episode, talk turns to sleeping arrangements for their first night.

In the main villa, Millie says: “I definitely do not want to sleep next to a boy.”

Teddy and Liam.
Teddy and Liam.

Abigail agrees: “It’s a bit too soon isn’t it?”

Referring to Tyler, Kaz adds: “I feel like I just got into bed with a boy I really like.”

Over at Casa Amor, Tyler and Amy have decided they’ll share a bed.

The pair ask Mary and Toby what their plans are with Toby replying: “We can have a chat in bed with no distractions.”

But while the rest of the boys make arrangements to sleep inside, Teddy and Jake head outside to the daybed.


Meanwhile the next day, Teddy is speaking with new girl Clarisse who suggests she is keen on getting to know him.

Teddy admits: “If I wasn’t in the situation that I’m in, it would be so easy.”

Clarisse replies: “What are you saying then?”

Teddy asks: “If you were in my shoes, what would you do?”

Clarisse responds: “Obviously this is to find the person that you want to be with. If there is someone that is better suited for you…”

“Are you saying you’re better suited to me?” says Teddy.

Clarisse and Teddy.
Clarisse and Teddy.

Clarisse declares: “I think so!”


Elsewhere on tonight’s Love Island, Chloe has eyes for Dale while Hugo gets to know Amy.

Catch all the latest from both villas when Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.