Love Island spoilers: Curtis must decide between Maura and Francesca

Curtis Pritchard finds his feelings still split between Maura Higgins and Francesca Allen in tonight’s episode.

Currently coupled up with Francesca, Curtis has also been getting flirty with Maura who has made no secret of her feelings about him.

After massaging Maura and then sharing dinner with Francesca on Friday, tonight Curtis decides he should sleep on the day beds to avoid rubbing anything in anyone’s face.

Maura goes to see him first thing in the morning and tells him she appreciates him not sharing a bed with Francesca the previous night.

In the kitchen, Curtis seems confused as to what the right next step is as he is still ‘getting to know’ both Maura and Francesca.

Curtis says to Ovie and Belle: “I’m trying to please everybody and you can’t do that because it’ll hurt one person.”

Ovie has some profound wisdom to share with Curtis: “You’re trying to juggle two eggs. If you drop both of them, you are going to splatter them rather than just putting one down. You can put one down and both eggs will be fine… If you drop both of them, now you’ve got scrambled egg. You don’t want scrambled egg!

“You want to handle the situation because you don’t want that egg to harden up towards you and turn into a hard boiled.”

Belle tells him: “One of the eggs might go off soon.”

But will Curtis make an egg-cellent decision, or will he end up with egg on his face?

Later in the day, during a ‘Snog, Marry or Pie’ challenge there are some revealing decisions.

When Francesca is choosing, she kisses Curtis, telling him: “I’m not sure you’re marriage material yet.”

While Maura uses the game as an opportunity to snog the face off of Curtis.

Curtis kisses Francesca and proposes marriage to Maura – could his feelings for the girls be becoming clearer?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.