Love Island spoiler: Toby considers making things official with Chloe

Toby Aromolaran considers making things official with Chloe Burrows on Love Island 2021 tonight.


Following their decision to recouple at the start of the week, things look to be going well for the pair.

Tonight, Toby’s thoughts have turned to whether or not he’s ready to make it official.

Speaking to Jake, Toby says: “This is a relationship crash course, learning everything you’d learn in five years in literally weeks.”

As he considers making it official or not he adds: “Having that label is massive. It’s scary.”

Jake replies: “All I’m going to say to you is having a girlfriend is f***ing brilliant. Everything at your own pace. We’re in here to find love.”

And it seems they’re not the only ones. Faye and Teddy are also discussing labels.


Faye admits to Teddy: “This morning I had a bit of a wobble. I feel like, it’s just very scary the thought of the elephant in the room of the ‘g’ word. And I just feel like at that point of the ‘g’ word coming out, my automatic defence mechanism is to find every reason as to why not to be, rather than why to be.”

Faye adds: “I know why to be, but I would be mortified if you asked me to be your girlfriend the way Jake did with Lib.”

Teddy replies: “I wouldn’t ever do that, it’s not my style.”

Faye admits: “I need to stop worrying about the future that hasn’t happened yet and just be here and present with you now.”

Elsewhere tonight, it’s movie night in the villa – with a twist.

A text arrives announcing: “Islanders, Tonight we are treating you to a night at the pictures. #madmovies #21stcenturycocks”

It’s girls vs boys as they compete to answer quiz questions, and the winning team gets to pick which movie clip they want to see.

But they’re not seeing the latest Hollywood movie release. Instead, the Islanders are shown clips of themselves during their time in the Villa which could lead to some awkward moments…


Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox