Love Island spoiler: Mike Boateng admits ‘doubts’ about Leanne Amaning


Mike Boateng admits he’s starting to have “tiny” doubts about Leanne Amaning on Love Island 2020 tonight.

The pair seem to be the most secure of the current couples in the villa, but this evening Mike confesses his concerns about Leanne.

After enjoying a date with Leanne, Mike admits to Connagh in tonight’s episode that he’s having doubts about how things are going with Leanne.

Connagh says to Mike in the boys’ dressing room: “Have you got doubts?”

Mike admits: “Maybe a tiny bit.”

Later, Mike asks to speak to Leanne admitting: “I can’t really read you. I don’t know if I’m doing the right things…”

Will Mike get the reassurance he’s looking for?

Elsewhere tonight, new girl Rebecca Gormley reveals which boys she has her eye on as she chats with Connagh Howard, Callum Jones and Finley Tapp.

Asked by Rebecca if his head could be turned, Fin – who is currently partnered up with Paige Turley – replied: “It certainly would be something I’d have a look at.”

The current islanders watch on awkwardly but Rebecca shows no signs of being bothered.

“I’m not going to mug myself and go with someone just to play it safe or whatever. I have to find my man, I have to find him,” she tells the beach hut.

However Siânnise hatches a plan to make her feelings for Connagh known.

As Connagh is chatting with Rebecca at the fire pit, Leanne and Sophie encourage Siânnise to steal him away so she can lay her cards on the table.

“This is the perfect time to go up to him right now while he’s having a chat with Rebecca,” Sophie says.

Love Island 2020 continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2.

The series airs Sunday-Fridays night with Unseen Bits on Saturday and spin-off show After Sun at 10PM.