Love Island spoiler: Jacques vows to ‘crack on’ as Paige is given a warning

What happens on Love Island 2022 tonight?

Jacques says he plans to ‘crack on’ with the new bombshells in Love Island 2022 tonight.

This week has seen Casa Amor return with the original couples split up into separate villas with each group joined by a batch of new singletons.

In tonight’s show, Jacques explains where his head is at to Dami and Andrew on the day beds.

Currently coupled up with Paige, he says: “I woke up in a filthy mood sulking and that, and the next minute I’m thinking ‘what am I doing?’ I’m just thinking about Paige, I’m thinking I can’t be like this, it’s not me.”

Dami tells him: “You’re feeling guilty before you’ve even done anything.”

Love Island: SR8: Ep24 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Jacques. ©ITV
Love Island: SR8: Ep24 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Jacques. ©ITV

Jacques continues: “I literally said to myself, I feel like this because I’m feeling about Paige’s feelings, I’m not thinking about mine.”

Dami says: “It’s your own journey as well you know.”

Jacques goes on: “I need to put myself out there. How do I know if what I’ve got with Paige is so good if I don’t even give it another chance with someone else? For me to do that, I need to crack on. I can’t be sat around here and sulking for someone else.”

Over in Casa Amor and Paige pulls new boy Billy for a chat to check they’re both on the same page.

Telling Billy she wants to be straight up, she says: “I know we’ve been getting on really, really well we’re like bantering and laughing and stuff but from my end I’ve been seeing it as a friendship, nothing else.”

She adds: “To be fair, my head is just definitely still with Jacques.”

Billy replies: “Well I’m glad you’ve told me this because at the end of the day, we ain’t got long. But I appreciate you being honest, so it’s all good.”

However later Paige gets a warning from another of the new boys.

Samuel offers his advice to Ekin-Su, Gemma, George and Paige.

Ekin-Su asks: “What do you think of Jacques?”

Love Island: SR8: Ep30 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Paige. ©ITV
Love Island: SR8: Ep30 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Paige. ©ITV

Samuel answers: “He’s quite a cheeky chappy guy…. What I also believe is quite clear is you [Paige] like him more than he likes you, just an observation. It’s not just that alone, but he’s aware of it which is why in a sense, he has had power in different ways in the relationship that you may not have realised.”

He adds: “He’s disrespected you in some arguments that he shouldn’t have done.

“Now, if they put a girl in there that is confident, very flirtatious, that is as good looking as you and she applies pressure onto him, and goes forward on to him his head could potentially turn… He’s just one of those that in a flirty situation, he’s definitely flirting back.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox

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