Love Island fans shocked by Liam’s ‘real age’ as he celebrates his birthday in the villa

Some Love Island fans were left shocked by tonight’s episode as Liam Reardon celebrated his birthday.


This evening’s episode saw Liam wake up in the villa to a day of surprises.

After a quick blast of happy birthday in Welsh, Liam was treated to blueberry pancakes by Millie, who promised she has more to offer up her sleeve.

Speaking about the breakfast Liam said: “If it’s made by you, I’m sure it’s going to taste nice. You’ve got that magic touch!”

However what shocked viewers most was finding out that Liam was turning just 22.

One reacted on Twitter: “I refuse to believe liam is 22”

“Liam is 22? You guys sure that’s not 32?” another asked.


“Liam is 22?! The math ain’t mathing I’m afraid,” added a third.

And a fourth declared: “There is no way on gods green earth that Liam is 22”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode there were tears as Liberty revealed her doubts over her relationship with Jake.

With just days before the final, she confided in Faye: “I’ve got to be true to myself… I just don’t think we’re right for each other.”

She later told Jake: “I just don’t feel like that you love me for me and I want someone who loves me for me.”


Meanwhile the final week saw the last epic dates for the remaining couples, starting with Faye & Teddy and Tyler & Kaz.

Love Island 2021 continues nightly on ITV2 and ITV Hub. The final airs next Monday night.