Love Island 2021: Kaz admits the door is still open for her and Tyler


Kaz Kamwi admits the door is still open for her and Tyler Cruickshank on Love Island.

Kaz and Tyler were coupled up until Casa Amor saw them both recouple with new Islanders Matthew Macnabb and Clarisse Juliette.

Despite still admitting to having feelings for each other, in last night’s recoupling Kaz once again coupled up with Matthew while Tyler reunited with Clarisse.

Tonight Tyler and Kaz have a chat and it seems there’s still potential for the pair to rekindle their romance.

Kaz and Tyler head to the terrace with Tyler mentioning this is where they shared their first kiss.

Tyler and Kaz chat.
Tyler and Kaz chat.

He then asks Kaz: “What is the situation at the moment?”

Kaz says: “With me and Matt?”

Tyler says: “No, us! Do you feel as if the door is still open, or is that it?”

Kaz admits: “The door’s open a crack.”

Tyler asks: “What is the only thing keeping it open for you then?”

Kaz says: “The little feelings I have. Tiny feelings I have.”

Has Tyler decided that he only has eyes for Kaz? Or will he put all his eggs in Clarisse’s basket?

Toby and Chloe have a breakfast picnic.
Toby and Chloe have a breakfast picnic.

Meanwhile in tonight’s show, Toby pulls out all the stops as he prepares a breakfast picnic for Chloe following the pair’s decision to recouple.

Speaking with Chloe, Toby says: “Although we’ve kissed, actions speak louder than words. I’m not really good with words. I’m good with actions so the best thing I can do is a breakfast picnic.”

Chloe says: “This is so cute. You’re so lovely. You’ve gone all soft since you’ve come back from Casa Amor.”

Reflecting in the Beach Hut on Toby’s gesture, Chloe says: “You can’t help how you feel about someone and I think he is showing me how he feels. I haven’t liked someone like this in ages.”

Love Island continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2 and ITV Hub.