Love Island 2020 islanders lock lips in a game of Suck and Blow

The Love Island couples lock lips in a brand new challenge on tonight’s show.

Fresh from new Islander Rebecca Gormley joining the villa, a text arrives for the group.

In the evening, the Islanders gather around the fire pit to play a game of dares.

They must pass a card between them using only their mouths. If you drop the card, you do a dare.

Dares include Nas being asked to ‘Kiss the Islander you wish you were coupled up with’ – picking Rebecca.

One Islander must lick another from their lips to their toes… but most interestingly for the Islanders is when Rebecca is dared to kiss the two Islanders she finds the fittest. After keeping her cards close to her chest, who will she choose?

And when Shaughna is asked to kiss the Islander with the biggest game plan, could her choice ruffle some feathers?

You can watch a first look at all the action in the teaser video above.

Elsewhere tonight, new girl Rebecca goes on dates with Callum Jones and Connor Durman in the Hideaway.

Speaking in the Beach Hut she says: “I’ve come in here to find someone. I’ve not come in here to mess about. I’m ready to go in there and step on people’s toes.”

During her first date, Rebecca tells Callum: “I am planning on taking at least one of their men. You’ve got to do what makes you happy, regardless of if you upset someone.”

Later, Connor meets Rebecca and says of her entrance into the Villa: “You were very confident.”

Rebecca replies: “I felt all these eyes on me!”

Speaking to the boys afterwards, Connor shares his first impressions of Rebecca: “She’s down to earth, funny, chilled out, fit… she’s proper confident.”

Love Island 2020 continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

Alongside the main show, spin-off programme After Sun airs Mondays at 10PM.

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