Love Island 2019’s Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard get close on their final date

Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard get close on Love Island 2019 tonight as they enjoy a final date.


With days to go until this summer’s Love Island concludes, this evening the couple head out of the villa for some alone time.

In this evening’s show, Maura receives a text, which reads “Maura and Curtis. It’s time to get ready to leave the villa for your final date! #facethemusic #forbiddenfruit”

So excited by the news, Curtis jumps in the pool to celebrate. Maura and Curtis then get ready for their date and head out of the villa.

Reflecting in the Beach Hut on her last date with Curtis, Maura says: “I’m really excited. The last one went really well, so I’m sure this one will be even better!”

Curtis also speaks in the Beach Hut about his upcoming date with Maura.

He comments “I’m just so excited. Maura makes me smile. She makes me happy and she makes me laugh. I could just look at her all day because she is absolutely beautiful.”


Curtis and Maura arrive at the romantic setting for their final date. As the pair take a seat, Curtis asks “Do you think your parents will like me?”

Maura replies: “Yes! Mammy would absolutely love you. I would be nervous to meet your parents.”

Curtis tells her: “My parents will love you.”

Maura says “I know I don’t tell you a lot of the time that I like you, but I really do. You’re funny and I love your smile. When you smile, I smile.”

Curtis declares: “I’m a very lucky man.”

Curtis and Maura then share one final dance to the sound of romantic harp music. Will their relationship continue to hit the high notes?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.


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The Love Island final will take place live next Monday, July 29.