Love Island 2019 spoilers: Newbies Chris and Francesca go out on date – who do they pick?

Love Island’s new Islanders Chris Taylor and Francesca Allen cause a stir in tonight’s show as they go out on dates.

Chris and Francesca arrived at the villa last night and this evening, the Islanders waste no time in getting to know the newbies, and are keen to know who they’ve got their eyes on.

Jordan asks Chris to describe his perfect girl. Chris says “I’d say blonde hair and I like big bright eyes.”

Anton is feeling the heat as he feels Chris is describing Belle.

The next day, Francesca receives a text, which reads: “Francesca and Chris. This afternoon you will each be going on two dates, please now choose your first dates and ask them out. #decisionsdecisions #spoiltforchoice”

Francesca chooses Ovie for her first date. Chris chooses Belle for his first date.

The four Islanders arrive at the date and start to get to know each other. Belle and Chris bond over their love of dogs. Chris then says to Belle “I actually do fancy you. I could tell you’ve got a bit about you and I wanted to get to know you.”

Over at Francesca and Ovie’s date, Ovie wastes no time in complimenting Francesca. He says “One physical thing that I do like and it’s a big deal for me…eyes! You’ve got the eyes.”

Francesca says to Ovie “You’re so chilled out. I like that. You’re so easy to be around and you’re so pretty.”

The dates soon come to an end and it’s time for Francesca and Chris to each choose another Islander to date.

Back at the villa, Curtis receives a text which reads “Curtis. Francesca has chosen you for her 2nd date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #chachachangeup #getamoveon”

Maura doesn’t appear pleased about Curtis heading out of the villa for a date. However, Maura soon receives a text, which reads “Maura. Chris has chosen you for his 2nd date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #lessismaura”

In the Beach Hut, Maura reacts: “The poor lad [Chris] is going to be talking to me and I’m just going to be earwigging. I want to hear the way Curtis is behaving!”

Maura and Curtis arrive at their respective dates. Maura is keen to know why Chris picked her for a date.

Chris tells her: “You’ve got a cracking personality. You’re the type of girl you’d give stick out, but I think you can take it as well.”

Maura replies: “Yeah. I wouldn’t take anything seriously.”

Chris responds: “I’m glad you said that because when you asked me why I took you on a date, I was going to say ‘to see if it’s all talk’.”

Chris is clearly bantering Maura, but how will Maura feel after Chris’ bold words?

Over at Curtis and Francesca’s date, the pair talk about their families and appear to be getting on well. But will Curtis decide to progress with new girl Francesca or give things with Maura a chance?

Love Island 2019 airs at 9PM tonight on ITV2.