Bullies or heroes? Love Island fans split over Anna and Amber’s actions

Recap what happened on Love Island last night (June 25)

Love Island fans have been having their say on last night’s latest episode (June 25).


Monday’s episode saw the results of the recoupling and this time the boys had the power.

Each guy had to step forward to partner with a girl, leaving one single and heading home.

Yewande Biala was the unlucky lady left without a partner and eliminated in this week’s Love Island results.

Danny Williams’ decision to choose new girl Arabella Chi over Yewande caused the villa to erupt in yesterday’s show.

Anna gave her perspective on Danny’s decision to choose Arabella: “Arabella’s been here for a couple of days and somehow she’s managed to worm her way into Danny. I feel like Yewande deserved better.”

Amber was more outspoken, first commenting in the beach hut: “I just think people can talk all they like but actions speak louder than words and I think that Arabella and Danny are conducting themselves in such a bad way that I just feel like ‘what do I have in common with you?’ It just doesn’t sit right with me.”


The tension boiled over when Danny and Arabella kiss, angering Amber and Anna.

Arabella became embroiled into the conflict when she stepped in to defend Danny, saying to the group: “You do realise all of us are going to get tested in here, you do realise that? You will get tested, you will get tested.”

And with Anna urging Danny to go away during his argument with Amber, Jordan insisted she was being childish.

Anna reacted: “Jordan’s in the background like ‘you’re pathetic, you’re childish.’ Mate, you’ve only been here for less than a week. Who are you to be saying this to me? You have no idea how I feel inside right now. You don’t know what I’m going through.”

Love Island’s viewers were just as split as those in the villa.

A number slammed Amber and Anna’s actions, with one writing on Twitter: “I’m turning @LoveIsland off after seeing that.. The way Anna & Amber just treated Danny was disgusting..”

“There’s a word for girls like Amber and Anna – BULLY. #loveisland” posted a second online.


Another moaned: “Amber and Anna are the most childish girls #loveisland”

And a third agreed: “If I was acting like Anna or amber at their age I’d actually be ashamed of myself. #LoveIsland”

However there was also a huge amount of support for the pair’s actions.

“People slating Amber and Anna for sticking up for their friend? They’re hurt because Danny lied to her, they’re doing what good friends do #loveisland” claimed one viewer.

A second agreed: “Don’t care what anyone says, don’t like Danny n Arrabella, yewande deserved better and I need friends like amber and Anna #LoveIsland”


And another asked: “Why do I always come on twitter to find I’m on the wrong side on love island?! I think lucie is the snakiest bitch going, Danny is a little weasel and amber and Anna are the kind of friends I need in my life.”

Love Island 2019 continues nightly on ITV2.