Love Island 2018 results: Eliminated Islanders reveal who’s playing a game in the villa

The latest contestants to leave Love Island have given the scoop on those left in the villa.

The Love Island 2018 results last night saw two Islanders leave.

Texts sent into the villa revealed that the public had been voting for their favourite girl and favourite boy in the villa.

A text then announced the bottom three girls as Megan, Ellie and Grace and the bottom three boys as Frankie, Charlie and Josh.

The Islanders then received a text to say that the boy and girl who received the least public votes were Frankie Foster and Grace Wardle.

Speaking after his exit, Frankie suggested that Georgia Steel was playing a game.

“If it was anyone it would be Georgia. All her emotions are multiplied by three,” he said. “If she feels something a little bit, she’ll turn it into feeling something a lot. You never know what she’s thinking.”

Grace was more sympathetic, saying: “I think that sometimes, Georgia doesn’t think about what she says. I think it might be an age thing. She does mean well but I think she should have apologised back to Ellie when we went on the girls’ spa day. At the same time, I didn’t agree with Ellie either.”

Both named Josh and Kaz rather than fan favourites Jack and Dani as the strongest couple of the series.

Grace claimed they’d be engaged this time next year while Frankie revealed: “Josh and Kaz over Jack and Dani – Jack and Dani are very sweet but I’ve seen Josh and Kaz very intense as it’s so new and I feel like you can really picture Josh and Kaz as a couple, and Josh seems so happy.”

Meanwhile, Frankie revealed hopes of continuing his relationship with Samira when she leaves the villa.

He said: “Our relationship got cut short. We were probably moving at a slower pace to Josh and Kaz or Jack and Dani, who are in a full relationship. But there was definitely potential there, and if we had given it another week it could have been heading that way. It unfortunately got cut off at a bit of a turning point. We’d had the dinner date and things were starting to move forward.

“At the start I had no expectations but Samira and I naturally gravitated towards one another and it just got stronger every day. It was pretty chilled, there was no drama….

“As soon as she comes out, we’ll meet up and see what happens. It’s hard to tell as there could be a three to four week gap between seeing each other, So you can’t predict what will happen but in my head we’ll meet up.”

Grace and Frankie’s exits were followed by the entrance of new boys, 26-year-old personal trainer from London Kieran Nicholls and 25-year-old boxer from Birmingham Idris Virgo.

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.