Lorraine Kelly reveals why she turned down Strictly Come Dancing

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly says she’s turned down Strictly Come Dancing.


The telly host, who currently presents her own morning chat show on ITV, has revealed just why she said no.

“I have been asked myself in the past to take part in Strictly, but even though it is one of the best of all the family TV shows, I much prefer to watch from the safety and comfort of my own sofa,” she told The Sunday Post.

Lorraine dismissed the so-called Strictly curse for refusing to sign up, explaining: “I don’t think for a nanosecond that I would be a victim of any romantic ‘curse’.

“My reason for turning down the show is far more simple. I know that I would be absolutely dreadful – and not in an amusing or entertaining way. I just would be very, very bad at trying to dance.”

She added: “[Strictly pro dancer] Anton du Beke once told me that he reckoned he could teach anyone to dance, but when he tried to do the waltz with me, he declared that it was like dancing with a tree. He was quite right – I’m not really a natural mover.

“So I think that the fear of being thought of as dreadful and dire is probably why so many might have decided not to take part.”

It was reported last week that Strictly bosses were having trouble signing up celebs because of the show’s supposed relationship ‘curse’.

“Strictly used to be show that no celebrity ever turned down. But the curse has changed all that,” a source told The Sun.


They added: “There is now a genuine concern that appearing on the show can negatively impact relationships.”

Strictly Come Dancing will return to BBC One in the autumn.