Life On Our Planet 2023 release date and trailer from Netflix series


The Life On Our Planet 2023 release date has been confirmed for Netflix’s new nature documentary.

Morgan Freeman will provide voice-over for the series from executive producer Steven Spielberg and the Emmy Award-winning team behind Our Planet.

A giraffe, gazelles and ostriches drink together from a watering hole in a scene from Life On Our Planet in 2023

When is the Life On Our Planet 2023 release date?

Life On Our Planet will be released on Netflix on 25 October 2023.

The series has eight, hour-long episodes.

The show narrates the grand struggle for dominance and survival on Earth, showcasing the astounding journey of life on our planet.

Despite the current 20 million species inhabiting Earth, it’s crucial to remember that this represents only a fleeting moment in time. Astonishingly, a staggering 99% of Earth’s historical inhabitants have vanished into the depths of the past.

Through a collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic, this series employs cutting-edge technology and scientific insights to resurrect extinct creatures, unveiling the remarkable narrative of life’s evolution on our planet.

Watch a trailer

You can watch a first look clip from the new series below…

Discussing the series, executive producer Keith Scholey told Netflix Queue: “By understanding our past, we can help shape our future. The sixth mass extinction that we’re currently living through is the first one created by an animal and also the first one that can be averted completely.

“With the other ones, there was nothing that was going to stop them. The story of life is full of chaos where you never know what’s going to happen. Yet there’s one consistent thing: Life always finds a way.”

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