Liar series 3 won’t be happening says show star Joanne Froggatt

There won’t be a third series of ITV’s Liar, show star Joanne Froggatt has revealed.


After first premiering in 2017, Liar returned this month for a second series of six episodes.

In the show, Joanne Froggatt plays Laura, a smart and dedicated teacher who meets Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), a renowned surgeon whose son is a pupil at Laura’s school.

The shocking first series revealed Andrew to be a rapist who had drugged and assaulted Laura as well as at least 17 other women. The end of the final episode saw the discovery of Andrew’s murdered body – with no shortage of suspects and motives, series 2 asks ‘who killed Andrew Earlham?’

Whatever the outcome, it’ll be the end of the road for the show says Joanne.

“It’s lovely to think you’ve been a part of something that people are invested in and so excited about,” she told The Sun’s TV Mag ahead of the series 2 premiere. “It’s a really nice feeling and I’m proud we’ve done another series.

“This will be the end of Andrew and Laura’s story. I think it’s really honest with the viewers.


“There’s nothing worse than investing your time in something and then you get to season three and think: ‘Oh, it’s all gone too far. I don’t believe it.’”

Also speaking to the magazine, Ioan Gruffudd spoke about how portraying Andrew in series 2 was “emotionally draining”.

“In the first season Andrew didn’t think he was evil so, to me, I was just playing someone who thought: ‘I’m not doing anything wrong.’,” he explained. “This season he’s been found out – he’s been caught and he’s unravelling.

“It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do as an actor.”

Series 2 of Liar will be told through a series of flashbacks as what happened to Andrew is revealed.


Liar airs on Monday nights at 9PM on ITV.

The six-part series will air weekly with episodes available to watch online via the ITV Hub.

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