Lee and Dean cast and spoilers from new Channel 4 comedy

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Lee and Dean is a new Channel 4 comedy and here’s all you need to know.

Lee and Dean is a brand-new comedy series centring on the lives of Stevenage builders Lee (Miles Chapman) and Dean (Mark O’Sullivan), best buddies since childhood.

The series follows the relationship between Lee, Dean and their friends through charity galas, poetry nights, bark rubbing competitions, prison sentences and shockingly eventful stag and hen weekends. Co-Starring Anna Morris and Camille Ucan alongside established talent including Ricky Grover, Perry Benson, Ramon Tikaram and Tom Bennett, Lee and Dean promises to keep you laughing and crying in equal measure.

Lee and Dean by Bingo Productions is written, produced and directed by new comedy team Mark O’Sullivan, Miles Chapman & Sam Underwood, with the added expertise of executive producer Phil Clarke.

Watch Lee and Dean weekly from Friday 30th March at 10pm on Channel 4, the boxset will be available on All 4 straight after.

Lee and Dean cast

Alongside Lee played by Miles Chapman and Dean played by Mark O’Sullivan, the cast includes Nikki played by Camille Ucan, Mrs (Pippa) Bryce-D’Souza played by Anna Morris, Little Dean played by Sam Underwood, Nightmare played by Eoin McSorley and S**ty Mick played by Mark Sharp.

Joining them are Midnight played by Jason Barnett, Sheets played by Sean Miller, Jonty played by Ramon Tikaram and Alan played by Ricky Grover.

Lee and Dean spoilers

The final episode of the bitter-sweet comedy about the loves and lives of builders Lee (Miles Chapman) and Dean (Mark O’Sullivan).

Mrs Bryce-D’Souza (Anna Morris) organises an afternoon in a select spa for Nikki’s (Camille Ucan) hen do, much to the annoyance of Nikki’s oldest friends Maz (Victoria Bush) and Dee (Rose Johnson), while Lee and the boys are drinking their own body weight in lager on his stag weekend. When the stags and hens end up at the same low-rent nightclub, all the secrets, truths and lies are revealed.

Will life ever be the same for anyone – especially Lee and Dean?

As well as watching on TV weekly, you can watch the full series online via All4.