Karaoke Club: Drag Edition cast: Meet the contestants on new ITV2 series

Meet The Drag Queens and Kings on the line up

Karaoke Club: Drag Edition has unveiled its full cast of contestants on the new ITV2 series.


A spin-off from Celebrity Karaoke Club, Karaoke Club: Drag Edition will see a batch of the biggest Drag stars from across the globe in pursuit of the sought-after karaoke trophy.

ITV2 tease: “Both a hilarious and glamorous affair, Karaoke Club: Drag Edition will see stars from all walks of Drag show off their performance prowess and entertain with epic solos.

“Viewers should expect the unexpected in this spectacular Drag extravaganza as the stars will stop at nothing until they own the stage and reign supreme.”

Karaoke Club: Drag Edition airs from Sunday, 26 September at 10PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub and continues nightly throughout the week.

Meet the Drag Queens and Kings taking part below…

Karaoke Club: Drag Edition cast!


The Vivienne. Picture: ITV/Monkey
The Vivienne. Picture: ITV/Monkey

The Vivienne says: “I wasn’t nervous as I sing live in my shows anyway. The weirdest thing was that the entire audience was filled with drag queens as well, so you felt like you had more to prove. Drag queens definitely watch with a more critical eye.”




Trinity The Tuck.
Trinity The Tuck. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Trinity The Tuck says: “It was different because I’m not a live singer in my shows. It was very different to what I normally do. I was definitely nervous because some of the contestants were phenomenal singers.”



Manila Luzon.
Manila Luzon. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Manila Luzon says: “It’s like we drag queens were at our own private party, there was no live audience, so it felt like it was just us having a good time making each other cocktails and having a fun time singing karaoke together.

“We nearly forgot there were hidden cameras everywhere and people at home will be watching us make fools of ourselves singing Whitney Houston classics! Many of us are used to lip syncing songs on stage, so it was a big shock to hear our voices instead an octave lower!”



Crystal. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Crystal says: “It was nerve wracking! Some drag queens sing live in their acts but I’m not one of them. This was a completely different experience, it was very -let go, have fun and it felt really different to the way I normally perform but that’s what made it such a great experience.”




Frieda Slaves
Frieda Slaves. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Freida Slaves says: “It was absolutely out of my comfort zone because I am a lip-syncing dancing queen so my performances are always based on choreography. I actually have a fear of singing in front of people!

“I was absolutely riddled with nerves. I kept telling myself: this isn’t what you usually do so just have fun and see what happens!”



Tete Bang
Tete Bang. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Tete Bang says: “I was really nervous; it was a big step out of my comfort zone. It was really exciting tobe around lots of other queens again. It was nerve-wracking and scary at first because I didn’t know who was going to be there –drag queens can be drama!”



Cara Melle
Cara Melle. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Cara Melle says: “The difference for me was singing live –I’m a singer in the shower type of girl! Once I had to finally sing out loud on TV in front of other people I was like ‘wow, this is hard!'”




Gingzilla. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Gingzilla says: “It was a free for all, no-holds-barred, beautiful cacophony of drag, chaos and glamour! I didn’t feel nervous. I was made for this, right?!I would classify myself as an amazing singer (but) just because you’re a good singer it doesn’t just make you a good karaoke singer okay? There’s a difference, girl!”



Vinegar Strokes.
Vinegar Strokes. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Vinegar Strokes says: “I definitely wasn’t nervous about singing live on the show or singing drunk on the show! I think the only difference is, I wouldn’t normally perform in front of just drag queens.

“Sure, there might be drag queens in the audience at a gig, but there’s always a few other drunks who are there for encouragement. It was nerve-wracking but also fun to hang out with my mates essentially”



Lil Test Ease
Lil Test Ease. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Lil Test Ease says: “Compared to what I usually do, it was very different. I don’t perform with drag queens a lot, it’s normally cabaret with other kings. The prospect of singing was interesting because my performances are usually more rap/comedy focused. It was so exciting and I was glad to be a part of the show.”




Danny Beard
Danny Beard. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Danny Beard says: “I think all the normal rules of performing are out the window for this show! It is crazy, it’s dramatic, it’s so much fun. When you’re performing normally it’s your job and you’re doing it in front of an audience of however many.

“For this, it was a bunch of all different drag artists from all different backgrounds getting absolutely leathered in a club and singing their hearts out! I’m not going to say it’s my finest hour but it’s certainly one of my most entertaining.”



Mahatma Khandi.
Mahatma Khandi. Picture: ITV/Monkey

Mahatma Khandi says: “It was so different! I can hold a tune -I can have a good time on karaoke. With karaoke you can either be the best singer in the entire world or you can just be the funniest person in the entire world.I think I was straddling those two worlds at the time!

“As a drag performer we curate what we do you know from lip syncing a pop song, to creating a mix. Every specific moment, there is a reason why we’re doing it. Karaoke is slightly different. You can be as prepared as you want but as soon as those lights hit… plus I didn’t bring my glasses so I couldn’t really see well! One of the songs I chose was half rap half song so you kinda gotta see the words!”



Karaoke Club: Drag Edition, from Sunday, 26 September at 10PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.