Jordan North was a last minute addition to I’m A Celebrity for this star

Jordan North has revealed he was never originally meant to be a part of this year’s I’m A Celebrity.

The Radio 1 DJ finished runner up on the show last Friday as Giovanna Fletcher was crowned Queen of the Castle.

But Jordan almost never made it into this year’s camp in North Wales.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1 This Morning, Jordan explained his stint on the show “very nearly never happened.”

“I was last minute,” he share. “I call to say ‘Maybe next year not this year’, and then I got a call two weeks later saying ‘Do you wanna do it? Someone’s dropped out.’

“Then I had two days to do everything. Medical, photos, psychiatrists, 48 hours. It very nearly never happened.”

According to The Sun newspaper, music producer and rapper Naughty Boy was originally lined up for this year’s series.

A source claimed that Naughty Boy withdrew from the series due to a family illness.

The insider added: “Producers were gutted when he dropped out and hope he might be able to take part in future years, but they could never have foreseen the success Jordan then had.”

Jordan also explained a camp secret the celebs used in order to keep conversations off screen.

“Before we went in, we were told not to sing any songs by Queen, The Beatles or Disney because we can’t get them cleared,” he said. “That means you’ve got to get the rights for it.

“So if we were having a conversation that we didn’t want to go on air, we’d have a conversation and we’d get someone in the background to sing ‘I Want To Break Free’.

“So I’d be there with Shane Richie going, ‘Is he really like that? I’ve always loved him on the telly’.

“Shane’s saying, ‘Can’t stand him mate, he is nothing like you see…’

“Then you’ve got Vernon in the background going ‘Hey Jude, don’t let me down… ‘ – then we’d know it wouldn’t go on air!”