Joanna Page teases possible return for Gavin & Stacey


Joanna Page has spoken out about the possible return of Gavin & Stacey for more new episodes.

The hit BBC sitcom originally ran from 2007 to 2010 before returning in 2019 with a Christmas special.

The episode, which peaked at 12.3 million viewers, ended on a cliff hanger as Ruth Jones’ Nessa character proposed to Smithy, played by James Corden.


Since then fans have been begging for more.

Appearing on Loose Women today, actress Joanna Page spoke about rumours of further specials and shared: “I’d love to do another one.”

When asked if there would be more episodes, Joanna, who plays the show’s namesake Stacey, did however admit: “I’ve honestly no idea. I’m just the same as everybody else because they don’t tell us!

“They’ve never told us any more that they’re doing anything, so it’s only when you get a phone call and they say ‘there’s a special, do you want to do it?’.”

She added: “They don’t tell us anything and I’ve never ever asked. I’ve never said ‘oh Ruth [Jones], do you think you’ll do another one or is there going to be more? I’m just not that sort of person.

“I’ve always just thought, we’ll wait and see and if there is, there is and if there isn’t, there isn’t.”

Reflecting on the last Gavin and Stacey episode Joanna revealed: “After filming I did think, there is another one, there’s got to be another one. We’ve got to find out what Smithy says!

“But as time’s going by, I’ve started to think, well maybe it’s been too long? Maybe there isn’t going to be another one, which makes me sad because I’d love to do another one.”

She joked: “If they do, I hope they hurry up because we’re all getting old!”

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