Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure on ITV – journey through the world’s greatest spice continents


Iconic Joanna Lumley embarks on a captivating four-part series, exploring the world’s greatest spice continents.

Tonight’s episode of Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail sees Joanna venturing to Zanzibar’s land-based spice trail, promising an unforgettable journey on ITV1 and ITVX.

Get ready to join the iconic Joanna Lumley on an extraordinary journey through the world’s greatest spice continents in her latest and most ambitious voyage yet.

Joanna Lumley meets Maryam Hamdani and the Taraab Orchestra in Zanzibar
Joanna Lumley meets Maryam Hamdani and the Taraab Orchestra in Zanzibar. Credit ITV

In this captivating four-part series of discovery, Joanna sets out to uncover the fascinating tapestry of flavours and cultures that have profoundly shaped our world.

In the fourth and last episode tonight, Joanna ventures to Zanzibar and Jordan, this time exploring its land-based spice trail.

By camel, she navigates the vast plains of Wadi Rum, encountering the resilient Bedouin people and their nomadic way of life. Along the way, she visits Za’atari refugee camp, a poignant reminder of the complexities of modern-day spice routes and the human stories they intertwine.

As the expedition reaches its climax, Joanna’s journey culminates at the awe-inspiring ancient city of Petra, one of the world’s greatest wonders, where the echoes of the spice trade resonate throughout history.

Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure airs on ITV1 and ITVX on Wednesday, 26 July at 9PM.

In earlier episodes, the adventure began in Indonesia, where Joanna immersed herself in the vibrant and diverse culinary landscape, exploring the centuries-old spice trade that has left an indelible mark on the archipelago’s rich history.

Continuing her voyage, Joanna landed in India, a land that has long been synonymous with spices and their intoxicating allure. Here, she delveed into the intricacies of India’s spice trade and its profound influence on the nation’s culture and cuisine.

Most recently, the journey took Joanna to the captivating island of Madagascar, where she unravelled the secrets of its unique spice heritage and discovers how it has moulded the lives of the island’s inhabitants.

Catch up with all past episodes by watching online on ITVX here.

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