Jay Blades to explore London’s West End for Channel 5

Jay Blades

Jay Blades will explore London’s West End for a new two-part series for Channel 5.


Titled Jay Blades’ West End Through Time, this series will take audiences on a journey with Jay as he delves into the rich history and influence of the West End on London’s evolution into a globally recognized city.

Spanning two episodes, Jay’s exploration will highlight how this iconic area captured imaginations worldwide.

Having grown up in the East End of London, Jay’s fascination with the vibrant and lively West End has been a lifelong affair.

This series follows his successful historical explorations in Jay Blades’ East End Through Time and Jay Blades’ The Midlands Through Time, taking him ‘Up West’ to uncover the secrets behind the West End’s iconic status. Viewers can expect to journey through the area’s close ties to power, royalty, and affluence.

Jay said: “From the East End of London to the West Midlands and now the West End of London, I love these series uncovering eye opening, surprising, and extraordinary facts about where we live.

“London is fascinating and there is so much history to delve into across the West End, with spectacular stories that many people won’t have heard before. Like me, I think viewers will be a bit blown away by some of the revelations that are in store.”

Lucy Willis, Commissioning Editor at Channel 5 added: “Jay Blades’ East End Through Time really brought the East End to life for us last year so I’m really excited that he’s heading ‘up west’ now to tell the story and the history of the West End from his unique perspective.”

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