Janice Robinson brings Dreamer back to the charts after hit X Factor audition


Janice Robinson’s hit song Dreamer has returned to the charts following her X Factor audition.

Janice originally found success in 1994 as the co-writer and vocalist of Livin’ Joy and their biggest hit ‘Dreamer’.

The track was a number one smash in the UK, and also topped the Billboard dance chart in the US.

And it’s the song she performed on The X Factor at the weekend when the new series kicked off.

She got four yeses from the judges after the storming performance, which has been seen over 600,000 times online.

The song has seen a return to the charts following the audition, currently at Number 68 in the latest Official Chart Update.

“You are not just The X Factor, you are every single letter in the alphabet factor!” grinned Ayda Williams after the audition.

Simon was so thrilled that he said Janice would have got his Golden Buzzer, had it been Britain’s Got Talent.

Meanwhile, Robbie was left totally starstruck.

“Your voice and your song has been a major part of the soundtrack of my life,” he explained. “I was transported to a person that I used to be, they were incredible times for me. I just had an incredibly special moment right here on stage.”

Host Dermot O’Leary also said of the audition: “It was one of those great arena moments

“I am a fan of the room auditions because I like to see the progression from the room to the arena to Judges’ Houses.

“But you can’t deny the impact when a good audition hits home with a live audience.”

The American star isn’t the only familiar face we’ll see on The X Factor this year.

Former contestants Anthony Russell and Scarlett Lee have both returned for another chance after failing to make it last year.

The X Factor returns to ITV this Saturday and Sunday night.