ITV2’s Bromans axed after just the one series

ITV2’s Bromans series won’t be back for a second run, it’s been reported.

In The Bromans, 21st century lads were transported back to the Roman Empire to see if they can cut it as gladiators.

The “reality game show” was touted as a ‘new Love Island’, seeing handsome boys fight it out with help from their loving girlfriends.

Airing last autumn, cameras followed eight modern day couples as they were transported to an ancient world where they had to live and fight like gladiators did 2,000 years ago.

Only the very best made it through to the Emperor’s Games where one of them emerged victorious and took home the Emperor’s gold (which today works out at ‘approximately’ £10,000).

The boys were trained by the fearsome “Doctore”, played by David McIntosh, and took part in daily, physical tasks, leading up to the grand final where they battled it out in a colosseum in front of a baying crowd.

Ratings for the show are said to have disappointed and ITV2 say there are now no plans for a second series in 2018.

“Bromans was lots of fun and a great show but we currently have no plans for it to return to ITV2,” ITV said in a statement to The Sun newspaper.

Instead, it’s been reported that ITV2’s other show Love Island will be taking over the schedules even more.

Love Island 2018 is set to be the longest series yet, running for over two months this summer.

What will be the fourth series is scheduled to last around 8 weeks, seven days longer than last year’s previous record breaking series.