The Island with Bear Grylls reveals new twist for 2018 series

The Island with Bear Grylls will see a Rich v Poor divide, it’s been revealed.


Bear will be back for another run of the hit Channel 4 show this year in 2018. It’ll be the fifth series to date.

Once again two groups of people who think they have what it takes to thrive in such challenging conditions are wanted.

They’ll be dropped off on a pacific island and left to fend for themselves, filming everything that happens.

Each series has seen a different twist, including men v women and old v young.

For 2018, the two groups be split by their wage.

One will be made up of people earning over £100,000 a year while the other will consist of workers on below the average salary.


A source told The Sun newspaper: “It’s going to be interesting seeing how people treat their fellow islanders based on their ‘value’, especially when everything from a person’s ­opinions to their interests can be defined by their wage.

“It’ll also test whether people who are seen as ‘go getters’ really have the drive to survive, or whether ­lower-earning but hard-grafting ­people are better suited to getting down and dirty in the wild.

“Whatever happens, you can bet being trapped on an island with a bunch of ‘snobs’ isn’t going to be fun for the lower-earning group — and vice versa.”

Bear Grylls said of the show: “It has been incredible to see the effect that The Island has not only on those who undergo the challenge themselves but also from so many millions of viewers around the world.


“It reminds us that when squeezed and stripped of everything, mankind and womankind still have an amazing spirit of resourcefulness, courage, and endurance, as well as an inspiring ability to form the closest of bonds with those alongside them going through hell.”

The Island 2018 will air six episodes on Channel 4 from Monday, April 2.

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