The Island 2018 cast: Meet the contestants on The Island with Bear Grylls series 5

The Island with Bear Grylls contestants and cast for season 5

The Island 2018 with Bear Grylls finishes tonight and here’s who was on the cast for series five.


Here you can meet the contestants who are taking on the challenge of Bear Grylls’ The Island on Channel 4 in Season 5.

The Island with Bear Grylls’ cast for 2018 will feature a new twist: A wage divide.

This year’s castaways will be split in to two groups – the rich and poor, both made up of all genders. Within each team are also two experienced camera operators.

The show will examine which group copes best with the tough conditions, although the rival sides may well end up merging together.

It’s the latest experiment in the series: The Island first hit our screens in 2014, with fourteen men left to fend for themselves without modern luxuries.

The second run then saw men and women taking on the challenge, but living separately on different islands.


The third series was the first to feature a mix of genders together, although the males and females initially arrived on opposite sides of the same island, without knowing the other group was there. Last year saw two groups split by their age with an ‘older’ and ‘younger’ group.

The Island 2018 cast

Rich Group

James, Danni, Nathaniel, Ali, Lorna, Sam, Shereen and Barnes
James, Danni, Nathaniel, Ali, Lorna, Sam, Shereen and Barnes

James Gill – 33-year-old GP/Lecturer from West Midlands
Danni – Embedded camera operator
Nathaniel aka Tan Avital – 27-year-old Donor Manager from Cambridge
Ali – 29-year-old gynaecologist from London

Lorna Kerfoot-Brown – 50-year-old Businesswoman from Harrogate
Sam – Embedded camera operator
Shereen – 48-year-old GP from Gibraltar
Barnes Thomas – 32-year-old Fine Arts Dealer from Cornwall

Poor group

Phil, Sammy, Erance, Mercedes, Laura, Ben, Brigid and Stevey
Phil, Sammy, Erance, Mercedes, Laura, Ben, Brigid and Stevey

Phil McCrae – 29-year-old Glazier from Peckham
Sammy – 24-year-old unemployed graduate from Guildford
Erance – 31-year-old stay at home dad from Leeds – QUIT WEEK TWO
Mercedes – 27-year-old receptionist from Surrey

Laura Spence – 28-year-old nurse from Newcastle
Ben – 37-year-old Steel Worker from Newhaven
Brigid – Embedded camera operator
Stevey – Embedded camera operator


The Island with Bear Grylls aired on Channel 4.

The latest run will last for six episodes. The final episode – seeing Bear catch up with the Islanders – airs at 10PM tonight.

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