Is Innocent based on a real a story? Truth behind ITV drama

Is ITV's Innocent a true story?

Innocent is back for a second series – but is it based on a true story?


Written by Chris Lang and Matt Arlidge, Innocent first made its debut on ITV in 2018.

A brand new second series is now airing nightly on ITV, following a story of a schoolteacher accused of murdering one of her pupils.

Is Innocent a true story?

The stories of Innocent aren’t true or based on real life stories directly, but rather generally inspired by miscarriages of justice.

Co-writer Matt Arlidge explained in an interview in 2018: “If [the accused] is telling the truth, it means there’s a killer out there.

“There’s someone who’s killed and got away with it, and that’s something we were always interested in exploring.

“On the one hand, what’s it like to be imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit? But conversely, if you did commit murder and get away with it and lived with it for eight years, what’s that like?”


What to expect from series two

Series 2 of Innocent begins on Monday 17 May, 9PM on ITV and will air nightly across the week for four episodes.

A synopsis of the new series shares: “When Matty is found dead, brutally stabbed with a broken cider bottle, suspicion falls upon teacher Sally Wright who had admitted to taking special interest in the boy.

“In spite of having no criminal record, no history of violence and vehemently protesting her innocence and the fact she couldn’t be placed at the remote beauty spot on the day Matty was found murdered, Sally was convicted by a majority verdict and sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in jail.”

The four-part drama follows Sally as her conviction is overturned and she sets out to help the police seek answers and find the real killer.


Meanwhile the first series of Innocent is available on the ITV Hub and BritBox here.

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