Inside the Factory – Sofas

Gregg Wallace in a sofa factory

Gregg Wallace delves into the operations of the HSL factory in West Yorkshire, revealing the process behind the creation of over 5,000 sofas annually.


With a team of 250 employees, this expansive facility is a hub of furniture craftsmanship. Gregg tracks the assembly of their popular Burros Classic sofa in a striking indigo shade.

Cherry Healey investigates the technology behind light bulbs, aiming to find the ideal lighting conditions for a cosy sofa experience. She also explores a foam manufacturing site, witnessing the rapid production of soft, comfortable padding.

Historian Ruth Goodman enjoys a privileged perspective on the evolution of the sofa, weaving together the intriguing tale of one of the globe’s most renowned sewing machines.

Inside the Factory airs on BBC Two on Sunday, 18 February 2024 at 8:00PM.