Industry cast, episodes and spoilers from BBC Two drama

Industry 2020 cast, number of episodes and how to watch online

Industry is the new drama from BBC Two – from the cast to number of episodes, here’s all you need to know.


The series follows a group of young graduates competing for a limited set of permanent positions at a top investment bank in London – but the boundaries between colleague, friend, lover, and enemy soon blur as they immerse themselves in a company culture defined as much by sex, drugs, and ego as it is by deals and dividends.

As members of the group rise and fall, they must decide whether life is about more than the bottom line.

Industry cast

The cast is led by Myha’la Herrold (The Tattooed Heart) as Harper Stern, Marisa Abela (Cobra) as Yasmin Kara-Hanani, Harry Lawtey (Marcella) as Robert Spearing, David Jonsson (Deep State) Fray as Gus Sackey and Nabhaan Rizwan (Informer) as Hari Dhar.

They’re joined by Freya Mavor (The ABC Murders) as Daria Greenock, Will Tudor (Game of Thrones) as Theo Tuck, Conor Macneill (Death and Nightingales) as Kenny Kilbane and Ken Leung (Marvel’s Inhumans) as Eric Tao

Further casting includes Priyanga Burford as Sara Dhadwal, Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Greg Grayson, Derek Riddell as Clement Cowan and Mark Dexter as Hilary Wyndham.

Watch Industry on TV and online

Industry started on BBC Two on Tuesday, 10 November at 9:15PM.


Episodes continue weekly on Tuesdays at 9:15PM. The series has eight episodes.

As well as watching on TV, episodes will be available to watch online and catch up via the BBC iPlayer here.

Industry episodes and spoilers

Episode 1
Welcome to Pierpoint, London’s most pre-eminent financial institution. Five recent university graduates – Harper Stern, Yasmin Kara-Hanani, Robert Spearing, Gus Sackey and Hari Dhar – all aim to make their mark on the world by proving their worth and becoming permanent hires at the bank. But for one of them, it all proves to be too much as a shock death rocks the firm.

Episode 2
Pierpoint tries to move on in the wake of Hari’s tragic death. Yasmin’s relationship with her boyfriend Seb hits rock bottom due to his sudden loss of libido, but an increased dose of flirtation from Robert soon distracts her.

Harper is desperate to get out of her temporary Pierpoint accommodation and away from the ghost of Hari. After several disastrous flat viewings, she is offered a helping hand from a surprising source. Robert’s fascination with Yasmin reaches new heights as they initiate a surprising game of cat and mouse.

Episode 3
Friendships are tested as the grads set about making themselves indispensable. The CPS desk is rocked by news Felim has decided to step away from the market for ‘personal reasons’. Eric bangs the drum, asking for new ideas to plug the gap.

Harper has an interesting take on the housing market that piques Eric’s interest, but she struggles to find time to work up the idea when she is accosted by Daria.


Aubrey Lewis, one of Daria’s most prized clients, is coming in for a meeting that Harper can sit in on, but Daria needs some boring data entry done first. Not wanting to let either of them down, Harper burns the midnight oil, but her actions have dire consequences, felt by the entire floor.

Episode 4
A previous mistake made by Harper comes back to haunt her. Robert throws a narcotic-fuelled gathering for Harper’s birthday, and Harper and Robert stay up all night in a haze of drink and drugs. Harper heads into work the next day, and is horrified to learn that she’s made a trading error which will cost the desk £50k. Harper desperately attempts to fix her mistake in fear of losing her job, forcing her to seek help in the most unlikely of places.

When Harper’s hangover forces her out of the career’s fair, she enlists the help of Yasmin to take her place. Robert is also doing the fair, forcing the pair into close proximity. Despite their sexual game of cat and mouse, Robert and Yasmin have never had an actual conversation – until now, when an explosive situation forces them closer together than ever before.

Despite seemingly being in a good place, Theo gives Gus the cold shoulder at work. Gus begins to spiral, locking horns with Clement and making a declaration to the entire desk that gets Theo hot under the collar.

Episode 5
Tired of being an outlier on the desk, Yasmin sets up a meet with her family friend Maxim, who’s setting up a new fund. Impressed with her work, Wyndham asks her to put Maxim in touch with Kenny. It looks as if there might be a thawing between the two of them, and Kenny even opens up a little bit, but can they seriously work together to secure this lucrative new fund?

When Eric goes away on a management off-site, he sets Harper the task of winning back Felim’s business. Harper pulls all of her resources to try and get a meeting, but when Daria questions what’s going on, Harper realises just how deep the rift between Eric and Daria truly is.

Robert is scared that he won’t survive unless his lifestyle becomes more wholesome. Clement, seeing Robert’s anxieties, reveals a piece of himself that drastically changes how Robert sees his mentor. Gus is determined to make of go of being a salesman, and even has some success with clients, but will his success be short-lived?


Details on further episodes are to be confirmed.

Industry airs Tuesdays on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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