imagine… returns to BBC One with Doctor Who’s Russell T Davies, French & Saunders and more


BBC One and iPlayer are set to dazzle audiences as they roll out the latest instalment of ‘imagine…’.

The new series boasts an impressive roster of films, each delving into the lives and legacies of prominent figures and transformative events in contemporary culture.

The line-up is star-studded, including profiles of comedy duo, French & Saunders; Russell T Davies, the genius screenwriter and the returning showrunner for the iconic show, Doctor Who; and the evergreen pop sensation, Pet Shop Boys.

Kicking off the series is the episode, imagine… Manchester’s New Factory. This special takes viewers on a journey through Manchester’s magnificent new cultural hub, Aviva Studios. Serving as the heartbeat of Factory International and the Manchester International Festival, this episode promises a rich tapestry of Manchester’s vibrant arts scene.

The episode, imagine…Russell T Davies: The Doctor and Me, gives a close-up look at one of the UK’s premier TV writers. As Russell T Davies gears up to resume his role as the Doctor Who showrunner, the episode revisits his triumphant revival of the series in 2005. At a time when Doctor Who had been off-air for years, Davies breathed new life into the narrative, surpassing expectations and solidifying its legendary status. As the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who approaches, the episode teases viewers with revelations of two Doctors and loftier goals.

Diving deep into the realm of comedy, imagine… French & Saunders: Pointed, Bitchy, Bitter celebrates the unmatched satirical brilliance of the UK’s most successful comedic pair in the past four decades, French & Saunders. Their comedy, which effortlessly blends satire with a dash of silliness, is anchored by an enduring friendship that resonates with audiences.

Lastly, the episode imagine… Pet Shop Boys: Then and Now chronicles the awe-inspiring journey of the UK’s most successful musical duo, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. Their staggering achievements include over 50 million record sales, 40 Top 40 hits, four chart-topping singles, multiple world tours and a musical journey that’s far from over.

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