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I’m A Celebrity 2017 final: Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, Jamie Lomas face their last Bushtucker Trials

Toff became 'John T-Revolting' and Jamie braves the 'Panic Pit' for the last supper

Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo became ‘John T-Revolting’ and Jamie Lomas braved the ‘Panic Pit’ as they faced their last Bushtucker Trials on I’m A Celebrity 2017.


Jennie McAlpine’s fourth-place exit yesterday left Jamie, Toff and Iain Lee as the final three contestants on the ITV jungle show.

To mark the end of the series, all three had to face their own individual Bushtucker Trials yesterday.

In each Trial, five stars were up for grabs. The first three were worth one course for the trio’s last supper, while the other two would earn a drink and treat for whoever was playing.

First, Toff played for the starters in ‘John T-Revolting’, which involved her enduring ten minutes standing in a perspex box.

As the name of the Trial suggests, the box was in the shape of John Travolta’s iconic dance pose from Saturday Night Fever.


Every two minutes, different jungle critters and creatures were dumped in the box with her.

Nipping green ants slid down her left arm, before 15,000 cockroaches swarmed around her right leg.

“The pain of the green ant bite is so strong,” she said. “This is just hell.”

Soldier crabs scuttled over her right arm, while yabbis and mud crabs were placed on her left leg.

“Whoever thinks up this s**t is warped!” she exclaimed. “It really hurts.”

As Toff was squealing from the stinging ants, the last round saw her face surrounded by spiders, scorpions and giant burrowing cockroaches.


One of the arachnids climbed on her goggles, while another crawled right on top of her head.

Eventually she made it out of the box with all five stars. “That was easy!” she joked. “I’m so proud.”

After Iain brought home the main course in the classic ‘Bushtucker Bonanza’ challenge, it was up to Jamie to compete for dessert.

In ‘Panic Pit’, he had to strap himself in to a small underground chamber, while 40 snakes gradually joined him, including three large carpet pythons.

“I know Jamie, when you have your interview and they ask what scares you, why don’t you say snakes instead of puppies or kittens?” the Hollyoaks actor quipped.

I'm A Celebrity 2017 - Jamie Lomas competes in Panic Pit Bushtucker Trial

“They seem to like my head.”


After eight minutes, the lights cut out, forcing Jamie to spend the rest of the time in total darkness.

To make matters worse, one of the snakes fell straight on to his face from the ceiling.

“Stay really still Jamie. Seriously, stay really still, they’re all over you,” advised hosts Ant and Dec.

I'm A Celebrity 2017 - Jamie Lomas competes in Panic Pit Bushtucker Trial

The ten terrifying minutes eventually ran out, and Jamie emerged from the chamber with another full house.

“Took it on the chin with that one, didn’t I?” Jamie laughed.


As they won all fifteen stars available, Iain, Jamie and Toff got to enjoy a complete feast.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs on ITV.