I’m A Celebrity’s Frankie Bridge opens up about time in S Club Juniors

Frankie Bridge opened up about her time in S Club Juniors on tonight’s I’m A Celebrity.


As this year’s celebs bonded in main camp, the group spoke about their varied careers.

Speaking about getting into music Frankie said: “It feels so inadequate when people are winning goal medals. When I was 12 I just went for an audition [for S Club Juniors].

“It was a big open audition on CBBC. So me and Rochelle Humes, now, went and people were practicing their songs in the queue. I hadn’t even decided what I was going to sing and we both ended up getting in. We used to go to the same dance school together when we were like 9 and it’s gone from there.”

She added: “I felt like I’d peaked already – now what am I meant to do with the rest of my life. Then I got a phone call about The Saturdays. And that was that. Ended up being lucky to be in two successful groups.”

Asked by Olympian Matty Lee if it got intense being in a band Frankie said: “It does, but in the same way it does with brothers and sisters. Genuinely we never had big rows and I think that’s why we never officially broke up.”

Earlier in the episode, Paralympian Kadeena Cox discussed her career: “I was a runner from a young age. 2014, when I had my stroke and was diagnosed with MS, I couldn’t run. I just kept falling over, my balance was so bad. There was just the wattbike in the gym, I’d sit on the wattbike in the gym because it was stationary and I couldn’t really fall anywhere.


“And then someone was like, ‘Your power’s pretty decent.’ Spoke to British Cycling and they were like, ‘We think you’d be great at this.’ 23 [I was when I had my stroke]. Four months later I had an MS relapse and they were like, ‘Your brain’s doing some weird stuff.’”

She added: “When you’re an athlete, you’re so goal driven, targets. So when I was in hospital, I was like, ‘I need something to get me through.’ Trying to get back into the sport was like, ‘Ok, this is my goal.’”

In the Telegraph Frankie Bridge said: “We all definitely find Kadeena inspirational. Going through everything she’s been through and still doing amazingly and achieving the things she wants to achieve. Her diagnosis just hasn’t held her back at all. She seems like she takes everything in your stride.”

Kadeena added in the Telegraph: “I always talk about my condition to allow people to get an understanding. It’s not very well known. I think these guys have made me feel so comfortable that I can just share some of the more personal stuff. As much as it’s tough, I wouldn’t have changed it and it’s given me opportunities I wouldn’t have had.”


Matty later added in the Telegraph: “She can empower other people with MS. They can look up to someone who has done some of the best things that you can do in sport. It’s truly amazing.”

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