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I’m A Celebrity’s Adele Roberts and Roman Kemp clash over Jane McDonald picture

Adele Roberts and Roman Kemp got into a bizarre argument on I’m A Celebrity tonight over a picture of Jane McDonald.


In Monday’s episode, some of the celebrities received their luxury items.

For Radio DJ Adele, it was a picture of Jane McDonald which caused quite a stir in camp.

In tonight’s episode, Kate Garraway spoke to Adele: “Jane McDonald is looking over us, can you think of a song of hers?”

Adele replied: “I know her off Loose Women, I don’t know her actual songs but I know her from the cruising show when she does covers.”

Myles and Roman laughed and said: “No one knows what she does.”

Kate responded: “She’s a legend.”


Roman asked “She’s a legend is she? Name a song?” but Kate couldn’t think of one.

Myles and Roman continued to laugh. Adele said: “She’ll cruise around the world, for example she’d go to Iceland and then sing a Bjork or would go to the USA and sing Proud Mary.”

Roman said: “It’s just random mate.”

Adele reacted: “Why though? I don’t understand.”

“How is it not random” commented Roman.

“But if I had brought in a picture of Ru-Paul would you have the same reaction?” asked Adele.

Roman said he didn’t know. Kate said “Well he’s heard of Ru-Paul.”


Roman added: “I just find it random.”

Adele responded: “That’s prejudice, I’m allowed to like what I want.”

Roman realised he’d wound up Adele and apologised: “I wasn’t saying that at all, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Adele continued: “It’s like you’re saying ‘why would I like Jane McDonald’”

Roman insisted: “Adele it’s not, the situation is funny.”

Adele asked: “I’m not allowed to like what I want?”

Roman said sorry again and Adele said “It’s fine, you are just going on about it so much… “I like the picture being there.” before hugging Adele.


Meanwhile, Adele’s partner Kate has explained why she took in a picture of Jane.

“I can clear this up. All the campmates have to have different luxury items, they’re not allowed to double up on anything,” she wrote in a post on Twitter. “So Adele’s first choice of a family photo was already taken which she didn’t mind because she knew there’d be campmates who’d love a pic of their children in there with them.”

Kate continued: “Second choice, a pillow, was another goner as it’s usually the most requested item. Pretty much everything she wanted after that was already taken too.

“The brief was ‘something to make you happy’ so she chose something that never fails to cheer her up and something that reminds her of early morning Radio 1 listeners.

“It’s a bit of a long running feature on Adele’s show, when they’re having a bit of a slump and feeling down a listener will request ‘a bit of Jane’ to get them through the day.”

She concluded: “I do have to say that most of her decisions are made at 2am when she gets up for her show, most things make perfect sense as that time.”


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