I’m A Celebrity’s Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson become Lords of the castle


Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson have become Lords of the I’m A Celebrity castle.

The two late entrants entered the castle this evening and were thrown right into the thick of it.

They were introduced to the original celebs by Ant and Dec as the new “Lords of the Castle.”

Ant explained to the Lords: “You have certain privileges. But first this evening, you must earn their respect and you need to win them food to eat tonight. The way to do that is by taking on a Trial.”

Dec said: “This is the Scare Fair. The Trial will take place over 5 rounds and there are 12 stars to be won, which equals 12 meals for camp tonight.”

The first round was called the Testicle Ticket Booth.

Ant explained: “You’ve got 2 minutes to get all of the sheep’s testicles from one tray into another using only your mouths. If you drop a testicle on the floor, you may pick it up with your mouth and carry on.”

Next was the Coconut Cry where they were given two minutes to knock the coconuts off the stands. While they played they were showered with Castle critters.

Later they put their heads in boxes for a Queen of the Castle round. Snakes were in the boxes and they had to use their mouths to get the stars off of their threads.

And for the final stars they each had to down a drink of blended cow’s anus.

Ultimately the pair won 11 out of the 12 stars on offer.

Returning to camp triumphant the campmates noticed some differences.

Simon and Adam found portraits of themselves framed on the wall and their thrones around the fire. And in the sleeping area, there was a bed for the Lords to share.

Louise read out a scroll: “Lord Adam and Lord Simon, being Lords of the Castle comes with many privileges. You are exempt from all chores in and around camp. Only you can use the Lords’ chairs, the Lords’ beds and wear the Lords’ clothing.

“And you will dine in the Great Great Hall. At the sound of the Lord’s fanfare you can all attend the Great Great Hall for dinner.”

In the Great Great Hall, the celebrities had quail for dinner.

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Picture: ITV