I’m A Celebrity spoilers: Contraband in camp as Gillian makes a confession


The celebs are left with an ultimatum in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity after a contraband confession.

Last night’s episode saw new arrival Toff win her way into the main camp and win the group a meal of rabbit for dinner.

However this evening not all are impressed by the offering as Janice announces: “I will not eat those little bunnies.”

Paul adds: “All my time at the Palace, I never ate rabbit. They’re pets.”

toff reads the note

More up for the meal, Phil says: “That is just like chicken, just a bit gamier.”

Meanwhile, pulling another campmate to the long drop, Gillian reveals she’s smuggled some contraband into camp.

But is she the only one that’s been up to no good?

A Bush Bulletin arrives in camp. As Toff reads it out, the celebrities are alerted to the fact that there’s contraband in camp… and that there are consequences.

Toff reads: “Celebrities, there is contraband in camp. You will not get your dinner until you’ve surrendered all contraband. There’s an amnesty bowl in the Telegraph.”

janice looks confused

Will the guilty party fess up? And are they the only ones that have something they need to get off their chest?

Elsewhere tonight, the celebs learn that Andy and Myleene will be going head-to-head in the Trial.

Arriving at the clearing, the two admit to Ant and Dec they had struggled to light the fire in their Savannah Scrub camp. While they thought it had taken 2.5 hours, Ant reveals it had actually taken them over 4 hours and was in fact a new I’m A Celebrity record.

Turning their attention to the Trial, the two are individually placed inside giant vuvuzelas, before being covered up to their necks.

They must take turns to pick a number and answer a question, which range from quizzing them about the planets, to the names of characters in Byker Grove. If they get it right they earn a point and shower their opponent in critters. Get it wrong and they themselves are showered in critters.

But as these two returning celebs go head-to-head, who will win? And what will the victory mean for them and their fellow campmates?

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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