I’m A Celebrity South Africa results! Another celeb leaves after head to head trial

Who left I'm A Celebrity in tonight's results

Another celebrity has been eliminated from I’m A Celebrity South Africa in tonight’s results.

I’m A Celebrity’s all star series continued tonight with Ant & Dec arriving in camp with news.

They had an update for the remaining celebrities, warning that time is running out to compete for the Legend title.

Ant announced: “We’re here again with news. We’re here to inform you the race to the final starts here because we’ve got another survival Trial.”

im a celebrity stars line up in camp

To decide who took part in the trial, the celebs picked stones from a bag. Ultimately, Joe Swash and Phil Tufnell were chosen to go head to head in the trial.

The two former Kings of the Jungle faced the ‘Temple Of Doom’ where they were locked in individual tombs full of critters and snakes. They had to search for codes to unlock themselves from the tomb, with the first out winning the trial.

Phil was first to unlock himself from his tomb and therefore won the trial.

As a result, it was Joe who left camp in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity… South Africa.

He told Ant & Dec he had “the time of his life” but was missing his family after two weeks away.

“It’s mixed emotions, I’m sorry to say goodbye to camp but I’ve had the best adventure,” Joe shared. “I started dreaming about the kids and it’s time to go back and let my family know how much I love them.”

Phill and Joe shake hands after the trial

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Joe found his very own Trial in camp… brushing his teeth.

He confessed: “It’s like brushing your teeth with baby lotion, or face cream. It’s disgusting… it made me gag. It made me wretch. It’s like doing a Trial every morning brushing your teeth!”

Meanwhile, Phil discussed his weight loss in camp, revealing “I can really feel my pelvis. It’s really poking out!” He laughed: “I’m like a toast rack.”

Paul however insisted: “I bet I’m the one who’s lost the most weight. I think Dean’s put weight on! Nobody puts weight on coming in the jungle.”

In the Bush Telegraph Dean concurs: “Everyone’s slowly wilting away, apart from me…”

Helen is also considering her washing routine saying: “I’ve not washed my face for two weeks, I’ve never seen so many blackheads on my nose! I feel so grubby.”

I’m A Celebrity… South Africa continues nightly at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

The final airs this Friday as one celeb is crowned the first ever I’m A Celebrity Legend.