I’m A Celebrity 2021 luxury items revealed – camera, medicine ball and slippers

The I’m A Celebrity 2021 stars received their luxury items on tonight’s show.

Each year, the celebs are able to bring in one special item to make their time on the show a bit more comfortable.

In this evening’s episode the camp mates were set a special challenge to win their items as they were tasked with solving riddles.

Riddles would arrive in camp and the celebs had four minutes to solve it by finding the correct answer attached to one of 200 keys. The correct key would open a safe containing the luxury item.

Working together, they successfully won all the luxury items – so what did the celebs pick?

Adam received a chair and celebrated: “When I get tired of sleeping in that hammock, guess where I’m sleeping!”

Louise, opened a hot water bottle, revealing: “I’ve stolen this from my real life daughter. I can lend it to anyone else as well.”

iac naughty b
Naughty Boy and his luxury item. Picture: ITV

Naughty Boy opened a pillow with a picture on it and told the campmates: “I’m going to introduce you all to mum.” David reacted: “You look like your mum!”

Frankie opened a polaroid camera and said: “And now we can all take pictures. I can’t wait for the first group selfie!”

Arlene celebrated her item, as she said: “It’s my hairbrush! I needed it today.”

Kadeena opened some gym equipment and explained: “It’s a medicine ball. I thought it’d be a really good idea to get everyone doing exercise.”

Matty opened a sleeping eye mask and enthused: “This bad boy, even though I sleep in loads anyway… it blacks out all the good stuff.”

Simon shared a pillow with a picture of his family on: “This is my beautiful Emma and these are my three little piggies [children].”

iac luxury item 1
Luxury Items arrive. Picture: ITV

Snoochie opened a pillow with a picture of her cat on and said: “I’ve been speaking about him quite a lot… [he’s] the man in my life as well! I’m going to start crying over a cat! It’s a cat. Thank you!”

In the Telegraph she added: “Never thought I’d cry over a cat before in my life, but here we are. I’m crying over a cat.”

Finally, David opened a pair of slippers and Danny opened a picture of his family. He said: “Steph and Albert so I can finally go to sleep next to them!”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

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