I’m A Celebrity 2018 campmates smash The Jungle X Factor in LIVE Bushtucker Trial

Dermot O'Leary, Robbie and Ayda Williams appear in task inspired by Simon Cowell talent show

The I’m A Celebrity 2018 campmates made The Jungle X Factor their own as they successfully completed every single challenge in this year’s LIVE Bushtucker Trial.

In tonight’s episode, it was revealed that James McVey, John Barrowman and Rita Simons will compete to earn the celebs a luxury feast.

They will embark an epic trek across the Australian outback, searching high and low for stars.

It was up to the other campers to determine how much time the trio would have for the quest in the annual live Bushtucker Trial.

In recent years, the live Trials have been parodies of other ITV shows – and this year was no different, as the celebs found out they’d be contestants on The Jungle X Factor.

I'm A Celebrity 2018 contestants face live Bushtucker Trial, The Jungle X Factor

Former X Factor finalist Fleur did a double take as she saw the stage, featuring a backdrop of the famous X logo covered in leafy vines.

“Yeah, I thought I was on a different show,” she joked.

The Trial featured four challenges themed around Simon Cowell’s talent contest.

Voiceover man Peter Dickson announced who would face each game – while some familiar X Factor stars made special guest appearances.

Round one, ‘The Sting-Off’, saw Emily Atack and Malique Thompson-Dwyer secured in X-shaped cages filled with green ants and cockroaches.

Wearing mouth guards, they had to sing songs by X Factor acts. Each one identified within 90 seconds would earn five minutes for the quest.

The tracks included One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’, Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, and Fleur’s own hit ‘Sax’.

The group got all five correct, earning a total of 25 minutes.

I'm A Celebrity 2018 contestants face live Bushtucker Trial, The Jungle X Factor

Round two, ‘The Sick Chair Challenge’, saw other the six celebs take their positions in the iconic white seats.

They took turns to eat dead witchetty grubs, with the next person unable to start until the last had finished.

As all six swallowed their critters within the 90-second time limit, they secured another 30 minutes for the quest.

Round three was ‘Judges Critter-cism’, in which Emily, Noel Edmonds, Anne Hegerty and Harry Redknapp each had 30 seconds to down a different disgusting bush drink.

The drinks were all inspired by the X Factor judges, with Robbie and Ayda Williams revealing them in pre-recorded clips.

Noel drank ‘Louis Vomlinson’, blended vomit fruit, while Emily was served ‘Simon Fowl’, blended turkey testicles.

Anne had ‘Fish Eye-da Williams’ – and shocking hosts Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby by drinking it in just 12 seconds.

“It was less awful than it sounded actually,” she said of her liquidised fish eyes.

Finally, Harry glugged a ‘Knobbie Williams’, or blended pig penis.

All four managed to empty their glasses, earning another 20 minutes for the quest.

The last round, ‘Dreadlock’, was introduced by none other than X Factor frontman Dermot O’Leary in another video.

Fleur and Nick Knowles climbed in to perspex boxes, where they had a minute to find the two keys that would unlock their ‘Golden X’.

The catch was that they had to do so while two carpet pythons slithered across their bodies.

They won a further ten minutes for the quest – although Fleur finished with just one second to spare.

The group’s collective effort means James, John and Rita will have a total of 85 minutes to complete their trek – the maximum amount of time on offer.

“So happy, everyone smashed it. So proud of Anne, so proud of Hazza,” commented Fleur.

“I was rather nauseated by the idea of eating Trials. I still am,” smirked Anne.

Catch I’m A Celebrity tomorrow at 9.00pm on ITV to see James, John and Rita’s epic journey through the jungle.