‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’ Woman gives birth in McDonald’s on BBC’s Ambulance


A woman unaware she was pregnant is looked after by crews in tonight’s latest episode of Ambulance after going into labour at a McDonald’s.

This evening’s second episode of the new series airs at 9PM on BBC One.

The day begins with a flurry of activity for the North West Ambulance Service, fielding a new 999 call approximately every 16 seconds.

A man pictured at a computer, wearing a headset
Ambulance dispatcher Joe. Credit: BBC/Dragonfly Film and Television/Ryan McNamara

Senior paramedic Aiden heads out alongside an ambulance and an advanced paramedic to a category two patient who has fallen 20 feet from a tree, sustaining an open wrist fracture. While Aiden is tending to this patient, another urgent call comes in involving a two-year-old who has fallen from a balcony.

Four hours into their shift, an emergency call comes in for a patient who was unaware of her pregnancy and is unexpectedly giving birth at a McDonald’s restaurant. Additional support is requested on-site to assist with the mother and newborn. Jodie and Tom are dispatched to the scene promptly.

The baby is delivered in the staff room of the restaurant before being swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for thorough assessments.

Immediately after handing off the newborn, Jodie and Tom are dispatched once again, this time for a category one emergency involving an unconscious and non-breathing patient. Given the patient’s history of weapons, a cautionary note accompanies the assignment, urging the crew to approach carefully.

Upon arrival, they decide to temporarily set aside personal safety concerns to provide urgent care. The patient is found conscious but increasingly aggressive. After withdrawing and awaiting police assistance, the crew successfully transfer him to the ambulance and proceed to the hospital for treatment.

Elsewhere in the episode, in Salford, paramedics Aaron and Emily are only seven minutes away from a patient who has fled from a hospital and is experiencing a mental health crisis.

The job leads Aaron to reflect on his role as a paramedic: “I think in life, we all need someone to talk to. As an ambulance service, we’re in a very privileged position in that, when people are at their worst, we’re there to go in and speak to them, when they most need it.”

Ambulance airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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