How’s Your Head, Hun? Rylan Neal-Clark, The Vivienne and Strictly stars join Michelle Visage

The final episode of Michelle Visage’s How’s Your Head, Hun? features Rylan Neal-Clark, The Vivienne and the Strictly class of 2019.


The new eight-part series is available online via BBC iPlayer with new episodes every Tuesday at 6AM UK time.

In the final episode of How’s Your Head, Hun?, Michelle updates us with where her head is at now. With the world opening up, she’s rightfully a little nervous about getting back out there too soon.

She catches up with Celebrity Big Brother champ Rylan Neal-Clark, who has enjoyed the chance to take a break.

He says: “I’m always at work so it’s nice to actually see the house I’ve built for a change. I’ve found rooms that I didn’t even know existed!”

“If there’s anything that I’m going to take from this, is the amount of takeout we have had!” he laughs.

Michelle is also joined by The Vivienne and they talk about how winning Drag Race UK has changed her life. “It’s incredible. You go from being a drag queen who works seven nights a week for not a lot of money to working the Werq The World Tour at Manchester and Wembley Arena. You just have to sit back and go, ‘This is it now.’”


She continues: “I’m still doing drag for the same reasons even though I’m now on a bigger stage. I think it’s so important to stay true to why you started doing drag.”

She then has a catch-up with her long-time friend of 33 years, Ru-Paul Charles to talk about how the lockdown has been a time for reflection.

Michelle also hosts a boisterous reunion with seven of her fellow castmates from Strictly – Karim Zeroual, Emma Weymouth, Alex Scott, Dev Griffin, Anneka Rice, Kelvin Fletcher and Mike Bushell. They play a game of ‘superlatives’ and reveal some great backstage stories.

When tasked with picking who was the biggest Teacher’s Pet out of the bunch, Kelvin Fletcher chooses himself! He says, “My only aim was to get Craig Revel Horwood to stand up and applaud… but he never did!”


Meanwhile, Michelle is also missing her daughter Lillie, who she hasn’t seen since January. She’s also missing getting her nails done, but with the city opening up non-essential businesses like salons, how badly does Michelle want it?

BBC Three’s How’s Your Head, Hun? is available now on BBC iPlayer, running for eight episodes.