How To Get To Heaven From Belfast: New Channel 4 comedy from Derry Girls creator

Channel 4 has greenlit a new fresh and captivating comedy thriller How To Get To Heaven From Belfast.

The new show is brought to life by the acclaimed writer and creator of the multi-award-winning series Derry Girls.

Conceived and penned by Lisa McGee, this eight-part comedy series revolves around Saoirse, Robyn and Dara, inseparable friends since their school days.

Now in their late thirties, they’ve diverged onto distinct paths. Saoirse is a successful writer with a penchant for self-sabotage, Robyn is a candid, stressed-out mother of three energetic boys, and Dara is a full-time caregiver for an elderly parent, still residing in her teenage bedroom.

A mysterious email announcing the passing of Greta, a former close classmate, prompts the trio to confront unresolved matters from their past. Attending Greta’s wake, they quickly realize that things are far from what they seem. This leads them down a dark and twisted path, embroiled in an enigmatic puzzle.

Terrifying yet thrilling, this journey becomes the most exhilarating adventure these women have ever embarked upon. From their home city of Belfast, laden with memories and history on every mural, to the untamed landscapes of rural Donegal and beyond, they strive to piece together the puzzle and unearth the truth, even as their own intricate and chaotic lives frequently intervene.

Rather than a conventional ‘whodunit,’ How To Get To Heaven From Belfast offers more of a ‘what the heck happened.’

Lisa McGee said: “I feel so incredibly lucky to be making another show for the phenomenal Channel 4 and to be doing it with Hat Trick Productions again and the creative team behind Derry Girls, the mighty Liz Lewin and Caroline Leddy, is just a dream.

“I’ve wanted to make a comedy thriller set in Northern Ireland for SUCH a long time. I cannot wait to share these flawed funny women with everyone.”

Further details including cast will be announced.

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