How much are the Love Island All Stars cast paid?

Love Island All Stars cast
Love Island All Stars cast

Contestants on the new Love Island All Stars series are reportedly paid around £2,000 a week, significantly more than the main series participants, amidst demands for higher fees and assertions of fairness by the executive director.


How much the contestants of the new Love Island All Stars series are paid has been revealed.

While those on the main series are said to be paid only around £375 a week for their time on the show, those appearing in the new All Stars spin-off are pocketing significantly more.

Ahead of the show, reports emerged of a potential crisis as the cast demanded higher fees, putting pressure on show executives.

Maya Jama hosting Love Island All Stars
Maya Jama

While the exact amount the Love Island All Stars cast are paid hasn’t been officially revealed, it’s understood to be around £2,000 a week.

Love Island’s executive director Mike Spencer told the Mirror: “We are paying all of them exactly the same – and yes it’s more than the civilians get.”

However he added: “It’s not like the rumours I’ve heard elsewhere, you know some shows it can be £50,000 to appear it’s nothing like that. But I get it. It’s the name of the game to ask for more money. If I was going on the show I’d ask for a million.


“We say we only want people looking for love and we research and we vet the contestants but only time will tell.”

In the run up to launch night it was claimed that potential Islanders had demanded more cash to return.

A source said to The Sun: “Many of the Islanders rely on their social media deals to make cash and by going into the villa, their revenue source will be down.

“The All Stars cast are clubbing together to try and put the pressure on but as far as ITV are concerned, the pay deal on the table is good and fair.”


The All Stars cast includes notable former contestants such as Liberty Poole, Jake Cornish, Toby Aromolaran, Kaz Kamwi, Georgia Harrison, Hannah Elizabeth, Demi Jones and Luis Morrison.

Love Island airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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