How did they do it? Father and son magicians wow Britain’s Got Talent judges

A father and son magician duo wowed the Britain’s Got Talent 2020 judges this weekend.


The brand new series of BGT launched tonight on ITV with the very first round of auditions.

One of the first acts to appear were father and son magic duo James and Dylan Piper, aged 38 and 13 from South Wales.

They performed a card trick and a mind reading trick involving Simon Cowell and his relationship with his son, Eric.

James first appeared on stage alone with a sheet covered easel, inviting Simon to pick a random item from a list – choosing a jet ski – and a random card – selecting the five of hearts.

Simon was then asked to write something on the card, choosing to pen his son Eric’s name.

James then put the card in Simon’s hand before making it disappear, only for James’ son to surprise the judges by popping up at the back of the audience with the card.


The father and son then lifted the sheet on the stage to reveal a board which read ‘Five Of Hearts’ and, when flipped upside down, ‘Simon + Eric’.

But that wasn’t all, as they then turned the board around to reveal a picture of Simon and his son Eric on a jet ski.

The audition proved a huge hit with the judges, securing James and Dylan four yeses through to the next round.

You can watch the audition again in full below…

Other acts on this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent included Diana Vedyashinka who appeared with five dachshunds and 10-year-old dancer Yakub who performed a routine inspired by The Lion King

Further contestants in the opening episode were choir Sign Along With Us, contortionist Papi Flex, comedian Steve Royle and ventriloquist Mr Cuddles.


Britain’s Got Talent 2020 auditions continue Saturday night on ITV at 8PM.

The live shows will air later in the year.