Hero police dog has Simon Cowell close to tears at Britain’s Got Talent auditions

A hero police dog left Simon Cowell close to tears at this year’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions.


Two dog acts have won BGT over the the past decade, could another animal act triumph this year?

German shepherd Finn and his owner, police officer Dave Wardell went before the judges at auditions this weekend.

They left the judges close to tears not just with their act but their story. Dave told the panel how Finn had saved his life during a call-out to an armed suspect in 2016.

Finn protected Dave but it almost cost him his life, suffering stab wounds to his head and chest.

Now on the mend – and retired from police work – Finn formed part of Dave’s magical mindreading act on Britain’s Got Talent.


“He’s been my best friend since he was a puppy,” said Dave, remarking that he spends more time with Finn than his wife and family.

With a steak at home ready for Finn if they get the yeses they need, the pair headed out on stage to face the judges.

Their act included a trick where David Walliams was asked to think of an object and write it on a piece of paper. Dave then instructed David to show Finn the word while he looked away, before Dave ‘spoke’ to Finn to find out the word.

“That was pretty incredible,” Simon said of the audition.

“If I had a golden buzzer left I would give it to you,” Simon added. “When I hear about animal cruelty, especially dogs, it upsets me. A dog will literally give up its life for you… Finn’s beautiful, I love him.”

“It was perfect for Britain’s Got Talent,” added Amanda Holden.

“It was really moving,” agreed David.


With four yeses, David and Finn sailed through to the next round.

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 airs at 8PM this weekend on ITV.

Other contestants on the show tonight include Derek Sandy, a 56 year old singer and dancer who performs an original song dedicated to the Isle of Wight.

9-year-old dancer Ethan Higgins from Ireland wows the judges with his moves while couple Rosie, 21, and Adam, 38 impress with a rollerblading routine.

Completing this week’s line up of acts are 10-year-old singer Giorgia Borg from Malta who performs an original song called ’10’.

Meanwhile other auditions from this year’s show saw Simon face a knife thrower that saw him get up on stage and risk his life.

“OK, so that was the scariest thing ever. I now realise how hard it is!” Simon confessed after the audition.


Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturday nights on ITV.

The live semi-finals will air later this year.