Helen Skelton finds lost treasures across The Lake District in new TV show


Helen Skelton will dive into the depths of the Lake District’s treasures in a new BBC series.

In an intriguing fusion of drama, suspense, and heartwarming reunions, the upcoming TV series Lost and Found in the Lakes delves deep into the stunning Lake District to unearth treasured possessions once deemed irretrievable.

Produced by the North-Wales company, Ty’r Ddraig, under Banijay UK’s Workerbee Group label, the series will consist of 15 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes.

Viewers will be taken on a roller-coaster journey with Helen and her expert team as they bring joy and closure to individuals by recovering their long-lost items.

The series promises more than just a scavenger hunt. It will depict the profound emotional connections people have with their lost items and the beautiful Lake District. Equipped with a diverse team, including divers, detectorists, and magnet fishers, Helen’s crew will navigate the enchanting lakebeds and dense forests, showcasing the region’s breathtaking beauty.

Every discovery comes with its own tale. Once items are retrieved, the team returns to base where the thrilling process begins. Some items immediately meet their overjoyed owners, while others take a more intricate route.

Items left unclaimed will be repurposed, receiving a fresh and innovative makeover by gifted local craftspeople.

Helen Skelton said: “Thrilled to be part of this series filmed in my beloved Lake District. It’s a chance to showcase the areas natural beauty and by reuniting people with their lost treasures we have a chance to share some heart-warming stories.”

Zoe Thorman, Executive Producer at Ty’r Ddraig added: “It is amazing to be able to use the beautiful location of the Lakes as the backdrop for our series. We brought some very talented people on board, to help Helen clean up and restore the items found across the Lakes and surrounding areas, including some retrieved from the lakebeds.

“I think viewers are in for a treat as the series combines beautiful scenery, wonderful craftsmanship, touching human stories, and the suspense of whether the much loved items will be found by the team or not.”

Lost and Found in the Lakes will air on BBC One and iPlayer in 2024.

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