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Harry Judd left in tears in emotional Celebrity Race Across the World moment

McFly drummer Harry Judd is left in tears in the latest episode of Celebrity Race Across the World.


Taking part in the BBC One show with his mum Emma, Harry gets emotional when reading a selection of touching letters from his young children and opens up about missing his family.

In Wednesday’s second episode of Celebrity Race Across The World, the teams are embarking on the second leg of their gruelling 10,000km challenge, racing to reach a checkpoint in Bonifacio, Corsica, Harry decides to read letters and look at pictures given to him by his wife and children ahead of the trip.

Emma Judd & Harry Judd chatting while sat side by side on a train
Emma Judd & Harry Judd. Credit: BBC/Studio Lambert Ltd/Screen Grab

After reading the letters and looking through a selection of polaroid pictures of himself and his children, a tearful Harry admits: “Maybe I wasn’t quite ready for this…

“I think maybe in hindsight reading them after four hours sleep on a night bus probably wasn’t the best idea!”

As he contemplates the shift in his perspective since becoming a father, Harry elaborates: “When I was 17 and I left home and just told my parents I was leaving school, leaving home and joining a band, I just didn’t really consider how they felt.

“Now I have kids, I can understand what sort of impact that must have had on my mum.”

Reflecting on her now-37-year-old son leaving home as a teenager to tour with McFly, mum Emma adds: “I felt a real loss, I as a mother had to step back, and I had to let go. Gosh, being with Harry now, I’m going to see the mature Harry, which I haven’t had the chance to get to know.”


Celebrity Race Across the World continues Wednesday, 9PM on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

Following the heart-pounding launch last week, the thrilling race persists as Harry and Emma, Alex Beresford and his father Noel, singer Mel Blatt and her mother Helene, and racing driver Billy Monger and his sister Bonny embark on the adventure of a lifetime. They navigate diverse landscapes and cultures, all while adhering to a strict budget, without the comforts of smartphones, credit cards, or luxury travel.