Harry Judd and mum Emma left stranded on Celebrity Race Across the World

Spoilers from the latest episode

Harry Judd and mum Emma find themselves stranded in the latest episode of Celebrity Race Across the World.

As the series continues, the pair face a dramatic bus journey as they battle to make their way to the next checkpoint.

McFly drummer Harry Judd and his mother, Emma, experience a gruelling 19-hour bus journey filled with unexpected challenges.

Emma Judd & Harry Judd on a coach
Emma Judd & Harry Judd on a coach. Credit: BBC/Studio Lambert Ltd

After Harry falls ill, the pair endures the coach journey together, facing a series of disturbances ranging from noisy passengers to unpleasant food odours.

However, their most significant setback occurs when one of the coach’s tires suddenly bursts seven hours into the journey, leaving them stranded on the roadside.

Reacting to the various disruptions, Emma humorously remarks: “I think we’ll start tutting soon,” to which Harry adds: “Yes, we’ll start the English tut!”

As they endure the journey’s discomforts, including the scent of garlic sausage, Harry quips: “Thankfully, I’ve got a blocked-up nose!”

Suddenly, a loud bang disrupts their conversation, and they realize that a tire has blown out.

Emma exclaims: “He [The driver] has got his hazard warning lights on, and I think we’ve had a blown tire!”

Bus wheel being replaced

Harry, standing next to the stranded coach, admits: “So we’ve had a blow-out on the motorway; it’s not ideal. I think our position in the race has probably been compromised by this, and now we’re just going to have to sit and wait.”

Alongside Harry and his mum, the pairs taking part in the new series are Alex Beresford and his dad, Noel, Mel Blatt and her mum, Helene, and racing driver Billy Monger and his sister, Bonny.

The duos are racing through an abundance of landscapes and cultures without access to smartphones, credit cards and reliance on luxury travel, all whilst travelling on a limited budget.

Celebrity Race Across the World continues Wednesday, 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.