Hamza Yassin soars to new heights in Strictly Birds of Prey on BBC One

Hamza Yassin returns to BBC One this weekend with a new wildlife special.

Fresh from his Strictly Come Dancing victory, the wildlife camera man fronts a one-off film for BBC One and iPlayer.

Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey will see Hamza embark on a quest to film his beloved birds of prey, venturing to the farthest corners of the UK in search of these majestic creatures.

Wildlife cameraman Hamza Yassin stands with his walking stick in ancient Caledonian pine forest
Hamza Yassin. Credit: BBC/Silverback Films/Ellie Jo Hilton

While he became a household name and even clinched the Glitterball trophy on Strictly, the months spent honing his dance skills within the confines of a London studio only fuelled his longing to return to the great outdoors.

In this film, he reunites with fellow videographers, including friends and mentors like Simon King and John Aitchison, among others, whom he collaborated with on “Wild Isles.”

Hamza says: “Birds of prey are powerful, majestic, beautiful, charismatic, intelligent. What I think of when I wake up, what I dream about.”

The documentary follows his encounters with hen harriers in the Cairngorms, white-tailed eagles in his very own Ardnamurchan Peninsular backyard, hobbies and marsh harriers over the Somerset Levels, and urban peregrine falcons nesting at Ealing Hospital in West London.

In total, he documents the lives of nine remarkable birds of prey, some of which may even be found living in your own vicinity if you only look up. Throughout his journey, Hamza reconnects with old friends, dedicated conservationists, and fellow film-makers whose profound love for the natural world shines through. Their stories are not only insightful and incredible but also highly inspirational.

Hamza’s journey began at the start of the year with a fervent desire to film his cherished raptors. As he concludes this adventure, he does so with renewed hope for the future, thanks to the profound experiences and meaningful conversations that have left an indelible mark on his heart.

Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey comes to BBC One and iPlayer from Sunday, 24 September at 7PM.

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