Hallie accuses Noky of having hidden agenda on Big Brother


Evicted Big Brother housemates Hallie has suggested Noky entered the show in order to get brand deals.

Hallie was the third housemate to be evicted in Friday night’s live show. She faced the public vote against Dylan and Trish.

Chatting after her exit on spin-off show Late & Live, Hallie discussed the housemates apparent animosity towards Noky.


“I would want to know Noky’s true intentions of being in the house,” Hallie said. “She said things at the start about brand deals and what not…

“And it’s cool, you can want what you want, but then when it comes to you being asked about it by several people at the table, don’t then change what you said before and start avoiding the question and talking s**t.”

Hallie continued: “I do think she knows a lot about what she’s talking about, honestly she sounds like she’s studied reality TV a lot and she knows how to present herself well and how to make an impression.

“I just want to know Noky’s true intention.”

Hallie also revealed who she felt should’ve been evicted instead of her.

“Dylan takes things a bit too personal and thinks he’s the alpha male of the house and gets on my tits,” she said.

Meanwhile in the house, Kerry and Olivia were left upset by Hallie’s exit.


“I had convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen,” Olivia said, while Kerry added: “It’s going to be more boring without her.”

Hallie said of the pair: “Kerry put me in my place and told me when I was out of line.

“Olivia will thrive in there. She’s bat-s**t crazy and so unique. She’ll just say it as it is.”

Big Brother airs Sunday – Friday nights at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. Live stream airs online on Saturdays on ITVX from 9PM.

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